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Welcome! I am honored to have you look at my website.  Peruse these pages to learn more about me and about the therapeutic relationship.

  I believe that you stopped here to find a different approach of what is not working in your life.
 You need a change from the "same ole thing" that has become familiar and comfortable.  Change is necessary and can be difficult.
I use a variety of different methods called "Energy Psychologies" which utilize your breathing and simple movements that you
teach yourself to make these life changes go a little easier.  Let's face it, what you are doing now is not working anymore.
I can show you techniques that will help you change your perspective.  From the perspective of pathology, or always being sick
to one of hopefulness and resilience, that yes, I can change my life for the better by embracing my vulnerability. Compassionate listening and simple techniques and learning to breathe
in a different way, you can reclaim your life with power and vigor again! No longer will you be the victim of ________(name) whatever
of your life story.  Use your own energy and belief system (faith) or whatever spiritual system to help yourself become centered
and grounded, more resilient than before. You will be able to face the next challenge, stress, and use your emotions as a way to engage in life
and those around you in a meaningful way.
I am eager to join you in your journey to become a more resilient
compassionate you!

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